Hi everybody...it's great to finally meet!

Melio is short for ameliorate, which means to "make better." It's just a code name for now, but it's apt.

At Melio Group, we can think of few areas where better is more critically needed than climate change.

Better is how we approach this problem space, and better is what we aspire for with the progression of our product.

Better is at the core of everything we're trying to do. Because better is good.

Climate change is absolutely overwhelming - particularly on an individual basis. We know...we've been there.

More and more people are concerned about climate change, but the vast majority of people still have no idea what they can actually do to make an impact.

Some people do. Some people are pushing for systematic change through their activism, their science, their technology, or their art. It's inspiring...it's what got us activated.

But systematic change is really tough to get to when only a small percent of the population (who cares) is actually taking meaningful action.

And it's tough to get more and more people to take action if they don't know how, or if they assume that "green" is generally less desirable, or if we expect them to rely on willpower and motivation alone, and especially if they hear from others than their individual actions don't matter.

Our product is trying to make it as easy and motivating as possible for the casual person to do a bit better.

For people to buy better products from companies trying to do better. For people to make better climate-impacting decisions.

To make it easier for people to understand what better actually means, and to make it more likely that they choose those better outcomes by recommending options that are probably pretty close to what they would have chosen already anyways.

By making people feel good when they've done something better, and by encouraging them to keep it going further over time.

We're not expecting people to always make green decisions - particularly when behind closed doors. And we're not going to motivate people to care, if they don't care already.

We're just trying to make it as easy, rewarding, and ubiquitous as possible for green decisions to become part of a user's consideration set.